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Cowboy Mounted Shooting
is the fastest growing equine sport in the United States. Contestants use two .45 caliber single action revolvers loaded with five rounds of blank ammunition.  A competitor crosses the timing line, engages 5 targets, returns the empty revolver to the holster then draws the second revolver and engages the final 5 targets. Scoring is based on elapsed time plus a five second penalty for each missed target. This sport is open to men and women of all ages and horses of all breeds. It also includes a junior and wrangler division for kids. New participants compete against riders in their same level.  This is a sport that everyone can participate in! 

RIO Shoot
September 26 + 27


Wisconsin State Championship Results 

Wisconsin State Champions
 Mens – Tim McDonald
 Womens – Nicky McDonald
 Reserve – Jeff Wesolaki & Renee Paukner 

Buckle Winners
 Level 1 & 2 Nancy Leonard & Mike Fritz
 Level 3 & 4 Nicky McDonald & Jeffery Wesolaski  Level 5 & 6 Jennifer Miller & Tim McDonald 

Vern Vesperman

Andria White 

Eliminator Results
Mens – Vern Vesperman 1st; John Roach 2nd 
Womens – Kallie Hainline

  Mens – Mike Fritz

 Womens – Andria White 1st; Ashley Achterberg 2nd 

Clean Shooters
 Wayne Rettig, Amiee Rettig & Tim McDonald 

Hudson Achterberg & Reata Mullins

At our Big Valley Shoot this weekend we were happy to have 2 New Shooters join us! Chad Walmer is our newest Mounted Justice member.  He shot as a Men’s Level 1 on Saturday.  His daughter Raegan came with to cheer him on.

On Sunday, Theresa Heller also attended our Shoot.

Chad & Theresa participated in our New Shooters Clinic in June!

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