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2018 Results


Open: 1st Kiley Schloer, 2nd Ava Dryreson,3rd Justin Moodie

Limited: 1st Ridge Staner, 2nd Bryden Rasmussen, 3rd Hudson Achterberg

Shotgun Ladies

  • Open: 1st Lisa Zach, 2nd Andria White, 3rd Karri Moodie

  • Limited: 1st Sandy Welsher, 2nd Renee Paukner, 3rd Hannah Pennekamp


Shotgun Mens

  • Open: 1st Mike Fritz, 2nd Loren Adrian, 3rd Vern Vesperman

  • Limited: 1st Matt Staner, 2nd Montie Szydel, 3rd Terry Schloer

Rifle Ladies

  • Open: 1st Lisa Zach, 2nd Andria White

Rifle Mens

  • Open: 1st Mike Fritz, 2nd Loren Adrian, 3rd Vern Vesperman

  • Limited: 1st Matt Staner

Ladies Top 10

1st Lisa Zach, 2nd Andria White, 3rd Karri Moodie,4th Tanya Bagley, 5th Amie Rettig, 6th Hannah Pennekamp, 7th Josey Junget, 8th Sandy Welsher, 9th Kori Schloer, 10th Keara Schloer

Mens Top 10

1st Mike Fritz, 2nd Jeff Wesolaski, 3rd Loren Adrian, 4th Brian Moodie, 5th Mark Brave, 6th John Roach, 7th Vern Vesperman, 8th Matt Staner, 9th Tim McDonald, 10th Kelly Leahy

Rookie of the year: Shaun Bagley

Horse of the year: Skipper

Horse person: Jennifer Brave

Most Improved: Austin Cook & Emma Moodie

2017 Results

TOP 10 Cowboys

  • John Roach – Top Cowboy

  • Tim McDonald – Reserve Cowboy

  • Mike Fritz

  • Loren Adrian

  • Jeff Wesolaski

  • Vern Vesperman

  • Kelly Leahy

  • Bryan Moodie

  • Paul Bollig

  • Mark Brave


TOP 10 Cowgirls

  • Andria White – Top Cowgirl

  • Karri Moodie– Reserve Cowgirl

  • Lisa Zach

  • Jennifer Miller

  • Nicky McDonald

  • Hannah Pennekamp

  • Sandy Welsher

  • Josey Pirkel

  • Aime Rettig

  • Mary Pierson


Rifle High Point Winners

  • Tim McDonald – Champion Rifle

  • Loren Adrian – Reserve Champ Rifle

  • Vern Vesperman


Shotgun High Point Winners

  • Vern Vesperman – Champion Shotgun

  • Jeff Wesolaski – Reserve Champ Shotgun

  • John Roach


Ladies Shotgun High Point Winners

  • Andria White-Champion

  • Karrie Moodie-Reserve

  • Lisa Zach


Top Wranglers

  • Colton Moodie

  • Justin Moodie

  • Addison Kandler


Most Improved Riders - Matt Staner & Hannah Pennekamp


Horse Person of the Year – Vern Vesperman


Horse of the Year – Breeze


Most Clean Shoots- Mike Fritz & Sandy Welsher


August 26 & 27, 2017

We had a GREAT weekend at the Wisconsin State Championship Shoot!

Thank you to everyone that came out to shoot with us and for everyone’s help with running the shoot! 

Mounted Justice would also like to send out a BIG THANK YOU to our Sponsors. They helped make our Shoot possible!! Kettle Moraine Equine Hospital; John Triantafelo Horse Shoeing; Sandy's Custom Leather; Silver Lining Herbs; Bob Berg Buckles; Valley Vet; Hay Chix and Precision Restoration Masonry Specialists; Roach Horse Shoeing; Vortex Optics 

Congratulations to our Top Cowboy John  and Top Cowgirl Andria White; Reserve Cowboy Vern Vesperman and Reserve Cowgirl Jennifer Miller 

Men’s Open Rifle – 1st Tim McDonald 2nd Loren Ardian; Men’s Limited Rifle – 1st Scott Strader 2nd Montie Szydel 

Men’s Open Shotgun – 1st Vern Vesperman 2nd Jeff Wesolaski; Men’s Limited Shotgun – 1st Scott Strader 2nd Montie Szydel 

Women’s Open Shotgun – 1st Nicky McDonald; Women’s Limited Shotgun 1st Andria White 2nd Karrie Moodie 

Eliminator Winners
Women’s Limited Keara Schloer; Women’s Open Jennifer Miller
Men’s Limited Mike Fritz; Men’s Open John Roach


2016 Year End Results

TOP 10 Cowboys
Jeff Wesolaski – Top Cowboy
Mike Fritz – Reserve Cowboy
Vern Vesperman
Loren Adrian
Kelly Leahy
Montie Szydel
Paul Bollig
Mark Brave
John Roach
Bobby Achterberg


TOP 10 Cowgirls
Nicky McDonald – Top Cowgirl
Lisa Zach – Reserve Cowgirl
Renee Paukner
Jennifer Miller
Andria White
Hannah Pennekamp
Sandy Welsher
Josey Pirkel
Ashley Achterberg
Valerie Kandler


Rifle High Point Winners
Vern Vesperman – Champion Rifle
Loren Adrian – Reserve Champ Rifle
Jeff Wesolaski
Mike Fritz
John Roach


Shotgun High Point Winners
Jeff Wesolaski – Champion Shotgun
Vern Vesperman – Reserve Champ Shotgun
John Roach
Mike Fritz
Bobby Achterberg


Most Improved Riders = Josey Pirkel and Joe Paukner

Rookie of the Year – Matt Staner

Horse Person of the Year – Mary Pierson

Horse of the Year – Lilly – Jeff Wesolaski.


Mounted Justice 2014 Year End Banquet

On Saturday night, our Club Members got together to recognize our Top Cowgirls and Cowboys of 2014. We also had awards for Rifle, Shotgun, Most Improved, Rookie of the Year, and Horseperson of the Year. At the Banquet, for those that wore their finest western wear - we voted on Best Dressed Cowboy/girl and Couple.

TOP 10 Cowgirls:
Nicky McDonald – Top Cowgirl
Lisa Grimley – Reserve Cowgirl
Nancy Leonard – 3rd
Andria White – 4th
Katz Jackson – 5th
Mary Pierson – 6th
Lisa Zach – 7th
Sara Stahmer – 8th
Renee Paukner & Jennifer Miller – tied for 9th

TOP 10 Cowboys:
Vern Vesperman – Top Cowboy
Loren Adrian & John Roach – tied for Reserve Cowboy
Mark Brave – 4th
Tim McDonald – 5th
Paul Bollig – 6th
Kelley Leahy – 7th
Jeff Wesolasik – 8th
Mike Fritz – 9th
Bobby Achterberg – 10th

Rifle High Point
Loren Adrian – 1st
Vern Vesperman – 2nd
John Roach – 3rd...
Paul Bollig – 4th
Rich Farnsworth – 5th

Shotgun High Point 

Mike Fritz – 1st
Larry Michaels – 2nd
Renee Paukner – 3rd
Mary Pierson – 4th

Our Shoots could not take place without the help of the following people:
Jennifer Brave, Sandy Melvin, Deb Vesperman, and Ellen Adrian

Rookie of the Year – Nancy Leonard

Horseperson of the Year – Sandy Baird


Mounted Justice Shooters Wrap up the Old and Bring in the New Year

By Katz Jackson

The New Year is well upon us and cowboy mounted shooters will soon be back in their competitive mode as the 2014 season commences in April.  Each year the past year’s successes are celebrated at the annual awards banquet and time is set aside for exchanging stories and visiting with fellow shooters in a relaxed setting away from the great outdoors.  This year’s banquet took place on January 11 at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison, and after our fine dinner we celebrated high point cowgirls and cowboys Pistol divisions, including Rifle and Wranglers.  New and seasoned shooters were welcomed and awards were given for best performances, and for the occasional blooper event.  A total of twelve shoots was scheduled.  Shooters numbered thirty-three in number, ranging in age from six to nearly seventy years old.  Overall, it was a great year and participants enjoyed some serious competition and some light-hearted camaraderie as well at each of the events.

Top ten shooters in cowboy and cowgirl Pistol divisions, from beginner Level I to highly experienced Level 6 shooters, were presented with awards selected by Sandra Baird and Mary Pierson, ranging from buckles and Navajo horse blankets, to bronc halters and fancy headstalls.  Loren Adrian, Vern Vesperman, and John Roach took the top three positions in Mens’ Pistol, while Sara Stahmer, Jennifer Miller, and Nicky McDonald took top three positions in Ladies’.  High point Rifle shooters included Loren Adrian, John Roach, and Vern Vesperman, followed closely by Clay Vesperman and Bill Stahmer.  The “Horse of the Year” award was deservedly given to Loren Adrian’s beautiful Quarter Horse mare, “Brittany”.  The fine-tuned partnership they share is obvious in every run they take, whether shooting Pistol or Rifle division. 

Young shooters, called Wranglers, competed as well, and four individuals earned trophies for their riding and target engagement.  Top two Wranglers, Emma Moodie and Katie Aeschback, went head to head and came out with the same rating when all was said and done.  Emma’s younger brothers, Colton and Justin, took third and fourth place respectively, and the whole Moodie family was congratulated for their fine performances.  The special “Rookie of the Year” award, which honors an individual who made exceptional gains, went to Ashley Achtenberg, while her husband, Bobby Achtenberg, won “Most Improved Cowboy”.  Both performed remarkably well in 2013 and we were all so proud of their excellent shooting and horsemanship.        

 Folks who want to explore the exciting sport of cowboy mounted shooting are welcome to come and observe the sport at one of our scheduled events.  The best way for horse and/or rider to learn to do cowboy mounted shooting is to participate in one of the New Shooter Clinics offered each year.  Club members who run the clinic are extremely helpful in sharing their knowledge and expertise, as well as their pistols and holsters.  For starters, clinic participants need a horse of any breed that is reasonably responsive, neck reins, and can walk, trot and lope upon request.  Barrel racing or other speed and action horses can have an advantage, as can horses trained for reining.  Some horses that become expert competitors are former trail horses that are simply up for a new challenge.  Our club is proud to know that winning horses represent a wide variety of breeds, including American Quarter Horses, American Paint Horses, Arabians, American Morgan Horses, Tennessee Walking Horses, and Mustangs.  A mule or two has also been known to compete successfully over the years. 

More Information on this exciting sport can be found on our Mounted Justice website,  We look forward to seeing you at our shoots this year and we invite you to partake in our club’s activities.  

Loren Adrian Top Cowboy

Top Cowgirl - Sara Stahmer riding Wizard

Top Ten Cowgirls
from left to right: Top cowgirl Sara May Stahmer, Reserve cowgirl Jennifer Miller, Nicky McDonald, Katz Jackson, Karri Moodie, Andria White, Renee Paulkner, Sandra Baird, Ashley Achterberg, Mary Pierson.

Top Ten Cowboys - Pistol Division
from left to right: Top Cowboy Loren Adrian, Reserve Top Cowboy Vern Vesperman, John Roach, Kelly Leahy, Montie Szydel (not shown), Mark Brave, Bobby Achterberg, Rick Farnsworth, Bryan Moodie, Mike Fritz.

Wrangler Division Winners
from left to right are: Emma Moodie & Katie Aeschback, even for 1st place, Colton Moodie, and Justin Moodie.

Rifle Division Winners
from left to right, Top Rifle Shooter Loren Adrian, Reserve Rifle Shooter John Roach, Vern Vesperman, Clay Vesperman, and Bill Stahmer.

Best Dressed Family-Moodie's

MJ shooters in their other shooting gear following a fund-raising auction at our annual awards banquet.  Photo shows from left to right; Katz Jackson, Gary Jackson, Jennifer Miller, Dean Miller. The pheasants were donated to our fund-raising auction by Feather Ridge Farm

Mounted Justice Welcomes the New Year

By Katz Jackson 

Wisconsin’s Cowboy Mounted Shooting club, “Mounted Justice”, celebrated its end-of-year annual awards banquet on January 12, 2013.  Members gathered together to celebrate this sport, touted as the fastest growing equine sport, where contestants race against the clock using their single action revolvers loaded with black powder blanks to shoot a total of ten balloons in each stage. The annual banquet event is an opportunity for members to gather together dressed in their finest cowboy attire to celebrate prior year accomplishments.  Those honored included Best Horse, Top and Reserve level Cowboys and Cowgirls in Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun divisions,   Most Improved Cowboy and Cowgirl, Wrangler, Rookie of the Year, and others, including a special award for horsemanship in honor of former member Joleen Lineck.  Additional awards are also given for Best Dressed Couple, Best Dressed Cowboy and Cowgirl, and also Wrangler.  Sometimes other creative awards are given for personal bloopers, such as, “Forgetting to Load One’s Pistol” prior to entering the arena or forgetting to wear a cowboy hat.   A lively fund-raising auction usually takes place as well, and the competition there gets tough, as favorite items are bid on and later proudly taken home.

The year 2012 proved to be one with many fantastic performances by members.  Top ten pistol shooters in the Mens division included Vern Vesperman, Loren Adrian, Kelly Leahy, Mark Brave, John Roach, Paul Bollig, Montie Szydel, Tim McDonald, Clay Vesperman, and Bill Stahmer.  Ladies top ten shooters included Sara Stahmer, Jennifer Miller, Allie Gillmore, Sandra Baird, Karri Moodie, Cathy Klecker, Mary Pierson, Katz Jackson, Renee Paukner, and Jess Starks.  Rifle division top shooters were Vern Vesperman, Loren Adrian, and Gary Jackson.    Many congratulations are given to each of these competitors.  Many congratulations are also due to all the others, all doing their best to negotiate each run in the most efficient manner and shoot all ten balloons in each stage.  When new members enter the competition, they are often working with their own personal horse that most of the time has had no prior exposure to having guns shot off their backs.  It’s exciting and gratifying to see the progress new shooters and new horses make throughout the season, and to see them climb the ranks through the levels, beginning with Level I and going as high as Level 6. 

New and prospective shooters will be happy to know there will be clinics offered throughout the year, beginning in springtime.  Clinics typically are half to whole days in length, in a group setting in order to capitalize on the horses’ natural herd instincts.  Much individualized instruction is given from club members, who willingly share their expertise in horse and gun handling skills.  This year we are also proposing to assign experienced members to new shooters as mentors throughout the season.   Safety is always of highest concern.   Clinics and regular matches are listed on our website, along with more information about the sport, local news articles and lots of photos. 

The New Year is fast approaching and competition will start anew.  We invite everyone to try cowboy mounted shooting this year.  It’s an opportunity to develop a new partnership with your horse and have a lot of fun with fellow horsemen and women.  As both an individual as well as a family sport, it includes divisions for men, women and children.  Hope to see you at our clinics and shoots this year!

Click here for more January 12, 2013 Awards Banquet Photos


Special Award for Special Ladies", from L. to R., Sandy Melvin, Jennifer Brave, Deb Vesperman, Ellen Adrian, Nicky McDonald

Top Ten Men's Awards. From L. to R. Kelly Leahy (3rd Overall), Paul Bollig (6th), John Roach (5th), Bill Stahmer (4th), Tim McDonald (8th), Mark Brave (4th), Loren Adrian (Reserve Cowboy), Vern Vesperman (Top Cowboy); Front Row-Clay Vesperman (9th); Not pictured-Montie Szydel (7th).

Top Ten Women. From L. to R., Jess Starks (10th), Renee Paulkner (9th), Katz Jackson (8th), Mary Pierson (7th), Karri Moodie (5th), Sandra Baird (4th), Jennifer Miller (Reserve Cowgirl), Sara Stahmer (Top Cowgirl); Not pictured - Allie Gilmore (3rd) & Cathy Klecker (6th).

Wranglers. From L. to R. Colton Moodie, Emma Moodie, Justin Moodie. Not pictured-Izzy Llantop and Lillie Llantop.

Most Improved Cowgirl and Cowboy, Sara Stahmer and Mike Fritz.

Horse Person of the Year - Tim McDonald.

Overall Pistol and Rifle Champion - Vern Vesperman.

Overall Reserve Cowboy Pistol & Rifle- Loren Adrian.

Special Award - "Shoot the Barrel" - Sara Stahmer.

Best Dressed Couple - Gary & Katz Jackson.

Renee and Joe Paukner
Rookie of the Year and Best Dressed Cowboy-Joe Paukner

Vern Vesperman
Overall in Pistol and Rifle

Sara Stahmer
Ladies O/A Champion

Loren Adrian
Reserve Champion Pistol & Rifle

Jen Miller
Ladies O/A Reserve Champion

Kelly Leahy O/A Third Place

Allie Gilmore
Ladies Third Place 

Gary Jackson
Third Place Rifle

Condolences to MJ Members on the Loss of Loved Ones

Lettie Brave, mother of MJ Treasurer, Mark Brave.  Lettie was 81 years old and suffered from Alzheimer's.  According to Mark, her health had been declining for some time and she was laid to rest last Wednesday.  She raised a fine man and we are privileged to know him. 

Jim Pagel, brother of Deb Vesperman, MJ President Vern Vesperman's wife.  Jim was a game warden in Alaska for over 20 years and then retired to continue in that role in Idaho for the past 5 years.

Dedicated husband and father of two daughters, Jim was also a true sportsman and wildlife advocate his whole life.  He was diagnosed this past June with a rare form of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and bravely fought to win the battle against the disease until the very end. 

This is a very sad time of year to lose a loved one, and as Mounted Justice club members, we all offer our sincere condolences to both Mark and family, and to Deb Vesperman and family.  Hopefully, the fond memories of the ones they so dearly loved will help make the holiday season a happy one in their honor.

2012 Rifle Winners: (L. to R.) Tim McDonald, Reserve Rifle; Loren Adrian, Top Rifle; Gary Jackson, Third

2012 Level Winners: Front (L. to R.) John Roach, Overall Reserve Cowboy; Vern Vesperman, Loren Adrian; Back Row (L. to R.) Bill Stahmer, Sara Stahmer, Overall Top Cowgirl; Sandra Baird, Tim McDonald, Overall Top Cowboy; Katz Jackson, Overall Reserve Cowgirl; Richard Kort (missing Jennifer Miller)

Mounted Justice Celebrates 2011 Successes and Welcomes New Season in 2012

By Katz Jackson

Mounted Justice (MJ) members celebrated accomplishments and victories from 2011, and made plans for 2012, at the Annual Awards Banquet held on January 14, 2012 at the Baraboo Clarion Hotel and Conference Center.  Highlights for the evening centered around Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA) sponsored events, and included a delicious meal, along with presentations of a wide variety of awards, a fund-raising auction, some fine Karoake singing and some swinging dancing on the wooden dance floor.  

Awards were given to the top Overall Cowboy and Cowgirl point winners, with special prizes for Top and Reserve Cowboys and Top and Reserve Cowgirls.   Amongst the top ten cowboys were Clay Vesperman, Paul Bollig, Rick Farnsworth, Tom Bamford, Mark Brave, Kelly Leahy, John Roach, Loren Adrian, with Tim McDonald winning Top Cowboy and Vern Vesperman winning Reserve.  Overall Women Point Winners included Karri Moodie, Katz Jackson, Rachel Chilson, Sandra Baird, Jill Grindeland, Nicky McDonald, Sara Stahmer, Cathy Klecker, with  Jennifer Miller as Top Cowgirl and Tosha Barthel as Reserve Cowgirl. 

Tim McDonald also won top award in the Rifle division.  His championship was followed by Vern Vesperman in Reserve, and Loren Adrian in third place, Rick Farnsworth in fourth place, and Sara Stahmer in fifth place. 

As more awards were given, Rachel Frye won both Most Improved Cowgirl and Best Dressed Cowgirl.  Larry Michael won Most Improved Cowboy for 2011, and Rick Farnsworth won Best Dressed Cowboy.  Best dressed couple went to Brian and Karri Moodie.  The prestigious Horsemanship award went to Jill Grindeland for her stellar performance at Ladies Senior 5 national competitions.  Jill competed successfully for the 2011 World High Point Champion Senior Cowgirl.  Her husband, Bruce Grindeland, who also fared very well in the national competitions in both Rifle and Men’s Level 5 Pistol, composed a heartfelt-and humorous-special tribute to Jill that was shared with all present.  Other special awards and much gratitude were given to Ellen Adrian, Jennifer Brave, Sandy Melvin, and Deb Vesperman for their indispensible efforts as announcers and timers throughout the year.  The Horse of the Year award went to Tim McDonald’s horse, Wizard, for his outstanding performance and talent in carrying Tim to his championship victories in both the Pistol as well as the Rifle divisions.     A total of twenty-seven shooters also earned “Clean Shot” awards in 2011, which means they shot all targets at one or more events.  Several shooters moved up in their shooting level and earned Move-up buckles for their efforts.  The “Rookie of the Year” award went to Dawn Farnsworth, a first year shooter, and she will also receive a beautiful buckle of her choice.  Keep up the good work, Dawn.

The first MJ shoot of the year 2012 was held on February 18 at the wonderful facility, The Horsemen’s Outfit, Inc., in Arena, WI, where a total of nineteen shooters competed for Top Cowboy and Cowgirl.  The weather cooperated beautifully, and traveling was smooth and uneventful for all, which is always a plus in wintertime.  Following his 2011 tradition, Tim McDonald led the way, winning Overall Cowboy in the Pistol division, followed closely by John Roach in Reserve and Loren Adrian in Third Place.  Sara Stahmer was Top Cowgirl, followed by Katz Jackson in Reserve, and Jennifer Miller in Third Place.  Speed and accuracy was the name of the game and a total of three individuals shot clean for the day, which was a great way to start off the year.  The old saying of “Smooth is fast.” surely paid off on that day!

Eight cowboys took on the additional challenge of the Rifle class.  When all shots were fired and all times tallied, Loren Adrian took top place, followed closely by Tim McDonald and Gary Jackson.  These cowboys engage the first five balloons with their six shooters and the second set with rifles.  It’s quite a skill, even perhaps an art, and new contenders like Clay Vesperman and John Roach will be actively participating this year, which will add new challenge for the other more experienced Rifle shooters. 

Future events are highlighted on the Mounted Justice website schedule at  New shooter clinics will also be listed as they are added throughout the year.  We hope to see many of you this year!

Mounted Justice Shooters Wrap up 2011 Season
Katz Jackson

It’s over! The last shoot of Mounted Justice’s (MJ) Cowboy Mounted Shooting Club took place the weekend of October 8-9 at Heartland Stables in Custer, WI. A total of thirty-five Pistol shooters participated in the final event of the year for our club, along with eleven Rifle shooters. It turned out to be a perfect weekend weather wise, with warm temperatures and clear skies throughout the two-day event. Overall, it finished off a great year, where several clinics were offered for new shooters and a total of nineteen shoots were successfully carried out. Only one had to be cancelled due to inclement weather.

As the year wrapped up, overall top Pistol Class shooters emerged: Tim McDonald on “Wizard”, Vern Vesperman on “Reo”, and Loren Adrian on “Brittany”, followed closely by John Roach on “George”, Jennifer Miller on “Red”, and Tosha Barthel. Cathy Klecker was third in the women’s division, riding her ever-faithful gelding, “Wyatt Earp”. Pretty much everyone had some smokin’ hot stages and times they were mighty proud of as they reviewed the final results for each shoot and the cumulative results.

Along with our veteran shooters, newer shooters also experienced much success as they honed their own and their horses’ skills. Guys like Russ Sleight came from “way up Nort’”, and did very well riding his big black and white part-draft Pinto gelding, “Whiskey”. Reggie Howell made huge strides in her riding and shooting throughout the season as she and her favorite mount, “Little Jo”, got themselves synchronized on the ever-changing stages. She’ll likely be moving up a level or two in the New Year. Experienced shooters like Joan Lightner and Mary Pierson worked with new horses this year, “Jet” and “Stan the Man” respectively, and made smooth transitions working together. Cheryl Frye brought out a new horse for the weekend, and she spent valuable time introducing the beautiful Paint mare to the scene, including some shooting of live rounds off her throughout the eight stages. It’s a reminder to us all of the time and effort required to train a shooting horse, when we see members working with new prospects. Even bringing a new horse to the scene and riding him/her around the other horses and the grounds helps build a positive working relationship as a team. Rachel Frye showed huge improvement this year on her favorite horse, “Jellybean”, and now that she’s longer and taller and has grown into those rather heavy .45 caliber single action pistols, will be someone to watch carefully next year. Her dad, Ray, also had some smoking hot runs on his stallion, “Rowdy”. What a way to finish out the season!

Eleven individuals participated in the Rifle division this year, and the top three shooters emerged the same as for pistol. The lone lady rifle shooter was Sara Stahmer, riding her new horse, “Cooper”, and coming in fifth overall in rifle. Nice job, Sara! New kid on the rifle scene was Clay Vesperman, doing extremely well for first time rifle shooter at our events the last weekend. Watch out, Dad, cuz he’s gonna be hot on your-and everyone else’s-trail next year!

Another highlight of the Custer Shoot weekend was the presence of Dan Small, of Outdoor Wisconsin, a weekly PBS Program, who, along with his crew, filmed shooting highlights on Sunday and also interviewed several members of Mounted Justice. All are anxious to see the program that will be featured sometime in the next six months on Public Television. Dan even got to ride a seasoned shooting horse and try a stage on his own with loaded pistols-that was pretty exciting both to watch and to experience, for sure.

As the season winds down, preparations are being made for events in 2012. To begin with, the annual banquet is planned for January 14, 2012, and all are encouraged to check out our website at for additional information on results and activities to follow. Hope to see you at some of our shoots and clinics!

Photo 1-Rachel Frye on "Jellybean"
Photo 2-John Roach on "George"
Photo 3-Paul Bollig on "Lightning-fast" mare
Photo 4-Sandra Baird on "Lil Sky"
Photo 5-Mary Pierson on "Stan the Man"
Photo 6-Daniel Williams on "Chief".

Photo 1-National Anthem Flag Presentation-Kelly Leahy, Katz Jackson, Gary Jackson
Photo 2-Nicky McDonald and Lou, wasting no time
Photo 3-Cheryl Frye introducing her Paint mare to shooting
Photo 4-Tim McDonald and Wizard-Top Overall Pistol and Rifle shooter
Photo 5-Kelly Leahy and Ace-a finely tuned pair
Photo 6-Jen Miller and Red-Top Overall Ladies shooter .

Photo 1-Cathy Klecker and Wyatt Earp, third overall Ladies Pistol
Photo 2-Ray Frye and his stallion, Rowdy, great strides this year
Photo 3-Clay Vesperman and Breeze-first time in Rifle competition
Photo 4-Vern Vesperman and Reo-Second overall Pistol and Rifle shooter
Photo 5-Loren Adrian and Brittany-Third overall Pistol and Rifle shooter
Photo 6-Sara Stahmer and Cooper-Lone Lady Rifle shooter


Mounted Justice


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