Mounted Justice Awards Banquet for 2011 

 Top Ten Cowgirls


1st Place-  Jennifer Miller

2nd Place- Tosha Barthel (Not Pictured)

3rd Place- Cathy Klecker

4th Place- Sara Stahmer

5th Place- Nicky McDonald

6h Place- Jill Grindeland

7th Place- Sandra Baird

8th Place- Rachel Chilsom (Not Pictured)

9th Place- Katz Jackson

10th Place- Karri Moodie


Top Ten Cowboys


1st Place- Tim McDonald

2nd Place- Vern Versperman

3rd Place- Loren Adrian

4th Place- John Roach

5th Place- Kelly Leahy

6th Place-Mark Brave

7th Place-Tom Bamford (Not Pictured)

8th Place- Rick Farnsworth

9th Place- Paul Bollig

10th Place- Clay Versperman


Top Rifle Shooters

1st Place- Tim McDonald

2nd Place- Vern Vesperman

3rd Place- Loren Adrian

4th Place- Rick Farnsworth

5th Place- Sara Stahmer


Horse of the Year


Wizard/Owned and ridden by Tim McDonald


Most Improved Cowboy

 Larry Michaels (Not Pictured)


Most Improved Cowgirl


Rachel Frye


Joleen Lineck Award (Horse Person of the Year)


Jill Grindeland


Rookie of the Year

 Dawn Farnsworth (Not Pictured)


Best Dressed Cowboy


Rick Farnsworth


Best Dressed Cowgirl


Rachel Frye


Best Dressed Couple


Brian and Karri Moodie


Mounted Justice

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