Lilli Llontop, sitting atop her favorite horse, "Wyatt Earp", Cathy Klecker's shooting horse.  Cathy is coach and mentor of the Llontop sisters.

New Wrangler, Izzy Llontop, riding Cathy Klecker's mare, "Maggie". Cathy is coach and mentor of Izzy.

Allie Gilmore, Ladies Reserve in Pistol. Her horse is "Percy".

Sara Stahmer, at our 04/14/12 Mounted Justice shoot. Sara was Ladies Overall in Pistol, riding her horse, "Cooper".

Mounted Justice's shoot 4/14/12, The shooter is Montie Szydel and his up-and-coming shooting horse, "Chance".

Paul Bollig, Overall Top Cowboy in Pistol, 4/14/12. Paul is riding his mare, "Little Red Express".

Mounted Justice's Shoot on 04/14/12. Bill Stahmer as second in Rifle, riding "Shorty".

Gary Jackson, and "Horus".  Gary won Rifle Division this past Sat., at the 04/14/12 shoot.

John Roach and George, Third in Rifle, 04/14/12 Shoot
Mounted Justice

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