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Top 10 Cowboys 

  • Jeff Wesolaski-Top Cowboy

  • Mike Fritz- Reserve Cowboy

  • Vern Vesperman

  • Loren Adrian

  • Kelly Leahy

  • Montie Szydel

  • Paul Bollig

  • Mark Brave

  • John Roach

  • Bobby Achterberg

Rifle High Point Winners 

  • Vern Vesperman-Champion Rifle

  • Loren Adrian-Reserve Champion Rifle

  • Jeff Wesolaski

  • Mike Fritz

  • John Roach

Shotgun High Point Winners 

  • Jeff Wesolaski- Champion Shotgun

  • Vern Vesperman-Reserve Champion Shotgun

  • John Roach

  • Mike Fritz

  • Bobby Achterberg

Most Improved Cowgirl

  • Josey Pirkel


Most Improved Cowboy

  • Joe Paukner


Saturday night, January 21, 2017 our Club Members got together to recognize our Top Cowgirls and Cowboys of 2017.  We also had awards for Rifle, Shotgun, Most Improved, Wrangler of the Year, Rookie of the Year and Horseperson of the Year. 

TOP 10 Cowgirls

  • Nicky McDonald-Top Cowgirl

  • Lisa Zach- Reserve Cowgirl

  • Renee Paukner

  • Jennifer Miller

  • Andria White

  • Hannah Pennekamp

  • Sandy Welsher

  • Josey Pirkel

  • Ashley Achterberg

  • Valerie Kandler

Horse Person of the Year and Announcer of the Year

  • Mary Pierson

Wrangler of the Year

  • Hudson Achterberg



Rookie of the Year

  • Matt Staner

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Forgot Rifle!!

Pres Vern Vesperman

Tres Mark Brave

Deb Vesperman

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Queen Navigator Mary Pierson

Mounted Justice

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